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Driven By Dirt, a leading online marketplace for speedway enthusiasts, today issued a comprehensive statement addressing recent merchandise order delays, outlining plans for future growth and improvement, and introducing new marketing packages and marketplace features designed to benefit drivers, clubs, fans, and business partners.

In late 2023, Driven By Dirt made a strategic decision to bring its printing process in-house to maintain strict control over merchandise quality and keep costs down for customers. This move required a significant investment in equipment and facilities. However, the rapid growth in popularity and demand for Driven By Dirt’s merchandise exceeded expectations, leading to a backlog of orders during the peak speedway season.

“We deeply regret not meeting our customers’ expectations and sincerely apologise for the frustration caused by late deliveries and unanswered emails,” said the Network Director for Driven By Dirt. “Our dedicated team has been working around the clock to fulfil orders, but we acknowledge that we have fallen short in certain areas, such as updating our website and onboarding new drivers and their merchandise in a timely manner.”

The Network Director also addressed the challenges associated with the company’s expanding product line and driver list. “With over 80 designs now available in our marketplace, and new drivers joining our platform regularly, we have experienced a significant influx of orders each time a new driver is onboarded. Managing this flow of orders has been a challenge, and we are actively working on solutions to streamline the process.”

The unfortunate instances of customer abuse that occurred during this challenging period were also addressed. “While we understand the frustration caused by the delays, we want to emphasise that abuse towards our team members is never acceptable. Our team has been working tirelessly to resolve these issues, and such behaviour only adds to an already stressful situation. We kindly request our customers to treat our staff with respect and understanding as we navigate these challenges together.”

To address these challenges head-on, Driven By Dirt has implemented several key initiatives, including a real-time print status feature on the website, training full-time staff to manage large orders, and focusing on updating and enhancing platform features.

Furthermore, Driven By Dirt is excited to announce the expansion of its content team, with approximately 200 contractors ready to film high-quality speedway content for its video-on-demand platform.

In addition to these improvements, Driven By Dirt is introducing new marketing packages designed for drivers and their potential business partners. These packages will assist drivers in securing valuable sponsorships while providing businesses with unique opportunities to tap into a niche market of dedicated speedway fans.

“We recognise the immense value that business partnerships bring to the speedway community, and our new marketing packages are designed to facilitate these relationships,” said the Network Director.

Moreover, Driven By Dirt is thrilled to announce that businesses will soon be able to sell their products and services directly within the new marketplace. This feature will further connect businesses with the passionate speedway community, providing them with a targeted platform to showcase their offerings and engage with potential customers.

“By enabling businesses to sell products and services within our marketplace, we are creating a comprehensive ecosystem that caters to the needs and interests of speedway enthusiasts,” added the Network Director. “This new feature will not only provide additional value to our customers but also offer businesses a unique opportunity to reach a highly engaged and loyal audience.”

Driven By Dirt remains committed to providing high-quality merchandise, exceptional customer service, captivating content, and now, comprehensive support for its drivers and business partners. The company is actively learning from its experiences, implementing robust processes, and making strategic investments to ensure an unparalleled experience for all those involved in the exciting world of speedway racing.

For more information about Driven By Dirt, its ongoing improvements, future plans, and the new driver marketing packages and marketplace features, please visit our contact page


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