Financial Gears in Motion: Driven by Dirt Partners with Better™ Finance

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Andrew Neru
Driven By Dirt

In a significant development for motorsport and finance, Driven by Dirt, New Zealand’s leading platform for Speedway enthusiasts, has joined forces with Better™ Finance, a renowned name in financial services. This partnership promises to open up a world of new opportunities and benefits not just for those with a passion for Speedway and Better™ Finance’s customers, but also for the broader community of motorsport enthusiasts and individuals seeking savvy financial solutions.

This collaboration is a unique blend of the adrenaline of Speedway and the practicality of financial services. Driven by Dirt has been the heart of the Speedway scene, bringing together fans, drivers, and industry insiders. Better™ Finance, known for creating financial solutions that are easy to grasp and tailored to individual needs, is set to add a new dimension to this high-octane world.

The goal of this partnership is ambitious and multifaceted. It aims to empower every member of the Speedway community, whether they are drivers, fans, or part of the commercial side. This includes introducing special loan options designed specifically for Speedway enthusiasts, helping with everything from upgrading equipment to traveling across New Zealand for major events.

But the partnership’s vision extends beyond the race track. It’s about demonstrating how combining sports and finance can create broader benefits. This collaboration is committed to ensuring that those who are passionate about Speedway have the financial support they need to follow their dreams, whether that’s as a hobby or a profession.

Driven by Dirt and Better™ Finance are enthusiastic about the possibilities this partnership opens up. They believe it will introduce innovative ideas to the world of finance and open many new doors for people in the Speedway community.

And this is just the beginning. Driven by Dirt and Better™ Finance are planning a series of initiatives, including community events, educational programs, and expanded financial services, all aimed at supporting and growing the motorsport ecosystem. This partnership marks the start of a journey to intertwine the excitement of Speedway with the empowerment of financial stability and growth.

Everyone is invited to join in on this thrilling new venture. Whether you’re a lifelong Speedway fan, someone looking for smarter financial options, or just interested in this ground breaking collaboration, there will be plenty of updates, special offers, and opportunities to get involved.

For more information about this partnership or to find out how you can be part of it, please contact: [email protected] or visit https://marketplace.drivenbydirt.com/product/race-car-equipment-lending/


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