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Cindy started drag racing at 15 years old, beginning her promising career in the Junior Dragster Class, in her home built Junior Front Engine Dragster. Built by her dad, Shane, with Cindy by his side. It quickly became apparent she had caught“ the bug”.

Cindy carried on in Juniors until she was 17, where she moved up to the extremely competitive Super Street class piloting another one of Shane’s projects – his 1961 Holden EK, powered by a stock 304 and all running gear straight out of a mate’s dirty ol’ VN Commodore.

Cindy had watched her mum, Shona, dominate the Super Sedan class for a while in yet another one of Shanes wild builds-an LS3 swapped Mazda RX7, where Shona became well known for her over-the-top burnouts.

It was almost like it was Cindy’s destiny to make big burnouts her
“thing”. And that is what she did. After 2 diff rebuilds and a few sets of tires, everyone began expecting a smoke show when Cindy rolled out. If you watch the photographers, you will see them all get ready to get the shot of her rolling from out of the smoke.

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